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About Access Network Solutions

Access Network Solutions is a technology driven company. Here we crave for giving the ultimate in service. Be it Enterprise Dedicated Connectivity or Enterprise Broadband connectivity.

We deliver the IT Solutions and technical resources needed by small and medium sized Businesses, Government agencies, and the Educational Community To expand their networks.

We provide connectivity to remote and branch offices, and within departmental and campus environments And we enable telecommuters and the remote mobile workforce to stay securely connected to main office.

When you sign up with us we end up as partners in growth, which will definitely prove to be valuable in the long run.

  • Reliable : We go for the best in technology with a no compromise attitude. You can simply rely on us.

  • Reach : Strong partnership and alliance with multiple service providers across the country. Specialized in provisioning more locations than ISPs, who are limited by their network foot print.

  • Integrity : Being straight up, doing what we say, playing by the rules, and owning up when we get it wrong.

  • Smart Thinking : Listening, challenging, learning, innovating and constantly finding ways to do it better.

  • Efficient : Efficiency is the key to success. We are always there for our customers in time of their needs. We have tailor made programmes to suit any of our customer's requirements.

  • Secure : Our systems offer a high level of security compared to conventional line network access. Our systems are fully secured and adhere to stringent quality control and Internet Security protocol.

Our Partners